C.M. Surowiec Jr.



Welcome to the World of Erogoth!

I created a world as a freshman in college to host fantasy roleplaying games, and I have continued to develop it ever since. Now, hundreds of maps, thousands of characters, and dozens of storylines exist, and I can't wait to share them with you.

The map beneath this intro is a scaled rendition of the world. It is a hostile environment, where humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, halfings, mer-folk, and others attempt to live peacefully, but orcs, ogres, minotaurs, gnolls, goblins, and DRAGONS (too name a few) have no intention of letting that happen. In addition, the lines of good and evil are not that clear. There are good ogres and dragons, as well as evil dwarves and humans.

The further east you go, the more savage and wild the lands become. The continents of Toragan and Hagarth were "settled" first, but are still dangerous. The same is true for the western portion of Eragath near the Sea of Trinity.

One more interesting fact about this world: it has four moons and does not spin as it revolves around its sun; it rolls. This creates a dichotomy of extreme climates with interesting and exciting new creatures.

I hope you enjoy exploring and learning about this world and everything it has to offer!

In the beginning, Demons and Devils fought a millennium-long battle of order versus chaos known as the Age of Fire. The Gods and Deities ousted them from power in a decade-long struggle of good versus evil, and then reigned supreme for over two millennia known as the Age of Wonder. However, almost four hundred years ago the Age of the Dragons began, when Ledaedra, The Dragon God, left the Astral Plane and brought her evil horde to bear on the world. The Demons, Devils, and even the Gods lost interest in Erogoth, and left the dragons to conquer the seven continents and subjugate all other races for the next four centuries.