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Set in the World of Erogoth


"I loved reading the story and watching it evolve. I'm a bit sad it's over to be honest. An editor's dream client. Responsive, passionate, fun to work with, with a great story."  -Marie Still

"This world is very diverse, and extremely complex. The characters and specific progression of the story really make DragonSin a must-read for fans of classic high fantasy."  -Maia Morgan

"My absolute favorite thing about your novel was the worldbuilding. Not once did I ever feel bogged down by the information we were getting. You were able to, cleverly and naturally, give information about the world, culture, and magics..."  -Megan Castleman


    Cymm Reich possesses a rare, magical aura that hasn’t been seen in a millennia. He does not realize he has this power until many years later, but the gods already know. The first god, Terazhan, sends a dwarven cleric to validate this, and begin training the young man to become a holy warrior in his name (a Paladin).

    At sixteen-year-old, Cymm’s family is massacred and village razed. While Cymm struggles to discover himself and his place in the world, he is tempted by evil and follows a path driven by vengeance. As his fears and self-doubt escalate, the benevolent Terazhan offers him a glimmer of hope to defeat the dragons responsible for murdering his loved ones. However, a dark secret entwines this gift of power, and the chain of events set in motion could change the history of the world forever. Meanwhile, a quirky priestess named Lykinnia has captivated Cymm. Her intellect is superior to the gods themselves and she has other plans for his righteous powers.

    Invaluable friendships and enemies are made by an upstart Cymm on his epic quest to slay the dragons. 

Dungeons of Delge :

Lykinnia searches for the truth, while Cymm is pulled deeper into his crusade to vanquish evil. Each of them have impossible tasks that they cannot complete alone, but everything seems to be pulling them apart. Demons, dragons, and dark elves are only a few of the obstacles that stand in their way. Unbeknownst to them both, the actions they take could save the world, or destroy it.

EXPECTED RELEASE DATE:  NOV 2023 (currently in Editing)