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Set in the World of Erogoth


"I loved reading the story and watching it evolve. I'm a bit sad it's over to be honest. An editor's dream client. Responsive, passionate, fun to work with, with a great story."  -Marie Still

"This world is very diverse, and extremely complex. The characters and specific progression of the story really make DragonSin a must-read for fans of classic high fantasy."  -Maia Morgan

"My absolute favorite thing about your novel was the worldbuilding. Not once did I ever feel bogged down by the information we were getting. You were able to, cleverly and naturally, give information about the world, culture, and magics..."  -Megan Castleman


In a World Where Magic Has Lain Dormant for a Thousand Years, a Remarkable Power Stirs Within the Soul of Cymm Reich, a Young Man Who Is Unaware of His Extraordinary Destiny

The gods themselves have sensed the awakening of this long-lost magic. Terazhan, the ancient deity of boundless wisdom, takes the first step and dispatches a dwarven emissary to forge a connection with Cymm.

Under the watchful eye of the god, Cymm embarks on a transformative path, becoming a holy warrior in Terazhan's name — a Paladin.

Yet, Cymm's peaceful existence shatters when marauding dragons descend upon his village, leaving behind devastation and sorrow.

With the loss of his family and friends, Cymm's world unravels, and his heart is consumed by a burning desire for vengeance. As he treads down a perilous path to avenge his loved ones, his inner struggles and self-doubt threaten to engulf him.

Amid the darkness, Terazhan extends a glimmer of hope by granting Cymm a unique and formidable power. But this gift is cloaked in mystery, and its repercussions have the potential to reshape the fate of the world. In the shadows, a mysterious priestess named Lykinnia, with a mind surpassing the deities themselves, weaves her own enigmatic designs around Cymm's newfound abilities.

As Cymm embarks on his quest to vanquish the dragons responsible for the tragedy that has befallen him, he forges both valuable alliances and formidable adversaries. His journey is fraught with peril, and the destiny of a world teetering on the brink of change hangs in the balance.

In "Dragon Sin," the lines between light and darkness blur, and the choices made by a determined young hero may have far-reaching consequences. As the epic unfolds, Cymm's courage will be tested, alliances will be forged and broken, and the fate of a world brimming with magic and mystery will be determined by his actions.

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Dungeons of Delge :

In the mystical world of Erogoth, dragons have reigned supreme for centuries.

At the age of seventeen, Cymm Reich, the First Paladin of Terazhan, embarks on a noble quest to liberate the realm from draconian dominance. His pursuit of justice unveils staunch allies and formidable foes, as the ghosts of his past decisions linger.

Meanwhile, Lykinnia, driven by the desire to resurrect her long-lost mother, navigates a perilous journey filled with duplicity and emotional turmoil. As her understanding of the magical Altar of One expands, loyalty and principles are put to the test as she comes of age amid a world teeming with intrigue, deception, and betrayal.

Ledeadra, the formidable Dragon Queen, deploys ZaphMordakai, a maverick captain in her Dark Army, to thwart the efforts of those who resist her reign. Zaph, cunning and charismatic, finds himself entangled with enemies like Cymm and Lykinnia, blurring the lines between loyalty and rebellion.

In the heart of the enigmatic “Dungeons of Delge,” Lykinnia seeks truth, while Cymm becomes further entwined in his crusade against evil. They require each other’s assistance to successfully complete their quests. Yet, the forces that bind them together are relentlessly strained by demons, dragons, and dark elves. As the saga unfolds, their decisions hold the power to save the world of Erogoth or plunge it into darkness.

Will their unity withstand the relentless onslaught, or will the very actions meant to rescue the world become the harbingers of its destruction?

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