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Tavii Warrior:

Fierce and loyal, these praying mantis like humanoids make their debut appearance after hatching from an enormous ootheca. They are featured with the 4 moons of Erogoth and are named:

The Dread The Hawk

The Gash The Mage

Blood Wolf:

Vicious and cunning, these canines have been infected with a disease that significantly increases their strength and appetite. The effect of the disease is appalling and morphs those infected into a horrifying abomination.


Hill Giant:

These creatures range from 9.5 to 11 feet tall and possess tremendous strength. They are dim-witted and quite abundant in Erogoth.

Release Date: TBD

Gnoll Raider:

These humanoid creatures tend to travel in large clans, and are somehow related to the hyena. They are ill-tempered and mean, and they torture the prisoners they take before eating them. This creature is also abundant in Erogoth.

Release Date: TBD