About the Author


Meet C.M. Surowiec Jr.. He's a Florida-born, California-bred guy who eventually found his way to the peaceful corners of Upstate New York. His childhood was a mix of sunny beaches, bustling city life, and quiet small-town vibes.

Charles is different from your average author. He's also an electrical engineer with degrees from the University of Buffalo and the University of Rochester. He even published a thesis on chaos theory and particle detection.

Now, let’s get right into the heart of it all - his books. Charles writes epic fantasy that's perfect for young adults but has a little something for everyone. Inspired by all kinds of fantasy role-playing games, his stories are all about adventure and magic with a flare of clean content.

His first novel, DragonSin, was actually a family project that started during Covid. While they were stuck at home, Charles took the chance to bring the whole family together and create something amazing. He’d be writing in the day and then reading it to everyone at night, it was kinda like a cozy campfire right in the middle of their living room.

When Charles isn't busy creating his next great story, he's either lost in a good book, traveling somewhere exciting, or pushing himself to the max training for triathlons. To unwind, he loves himself an ice-cold Baja Blast paired with some Cool Ranch Doritos. At the end of the day, he comes home to his wife, three kids, and their yellow lab, Odin, in their cozy New York home.

So if you're up for a magical journey that's fun for all ages, you’ve come to the right place!

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